SAMHA Hockey Pools 2021-22:

SAMHA hockey pools have been an annual fund raising event for all SAMHA teams U-7 to U-18. Each team shares in the proceeds based on the number of hockey pools the team sells. Each player is asked to sell a minimum of two hockey pools.

Hockey pools are ready and will be distributed by Division Managers to all team managers.

Here is timeline:

1. Oct. 23    Division manager to have all pools to team managers no later than Oct. 23rd.

2. Oct. 25    Last day for team managers to pick up extra hockey pools..

3. Oct. 31    Deadline for hockey pools to be returned to Team Managers. Cheques preferred.

Make sure all unsold hockey pools are returned to Team Managers.

Division managers to return all hockey pools/money/cheques by noon Monday, Nov. 1st.

To all our hockey pool customers...please be patient as all pools have to be entered once received.

To find out how you are doing, the login information is:

Pool ID: samha   Password: hockey

Winners will be based on when the last regular season game of the NHL is over.

If for any reason, the NHL season is cancelled during the year, winners will be declared based on the last game played.

If you have any questions, contact Shana at or text her at 250 833 8482