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The above refers to an interview to be held with Mr. Shayne Corson. Mr. Corson was an NHL hockey player, now retired. He played 1156 games, for 5 different teams. He also played in the Olympics, World Hockey and the World Junior Hockey Championships, representing Canada. Hall of Fame player, Mark Recchi, referred to Shayne Corson as the bravest man he has ever known. Few people knew that, throughout most of his career, Corson suffered from mental illness, specifically anxiety, compounded by ulcerative colitis issues. Corson has often credited Darcy Tucker (ex NHLer and his brother-in-law), with saving his life during his playing and post career mental and physical challenges. Mr. Corson is now an active ADVOCATE OF MENTAL HEALTH.
Many health experts consider mental illness as the greatest health challenge in today’s world. A survivor likely recognizes the issue more readily than others. Shayne Corson is a survivor. He feels strongly that publicizing this subject can help others survive, as he has survived.
The interview with Mr. Corson will be held on Feb. 17/21 at 10 AM PT. If you have a specific question that you would like to ask Mr. Corson on this subject matter please send that question to me. I will forward your query to the event moderator. Please be aware that your question may not get answered directly, but I will suggest that many interesting questions will get answered about this very important issue.
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