Effective Thursday, March 19th, all tenants having offices at Shaw Centre will be closed until further notice. I will continue to work from home. If you have any equipment, jerseys, pucks, etc, please hold on to that until we are back in businesses at Shaw Centre. I will take home any cheques that are currently here at office (team cheques, ref cheques, etc.) and make arrangements to connect with those people as soon as possible. My email address at home is rsakaki@shaw.ca A reminder that the Awards Night and the Coaches Appreciation are postponed at this time and will send an update regarding the annual SAMHA AGM.
Shana Phillips, equipment manager, is asking all head coaches to send her an email if you have returned or not returned all minor hockey equipment, jerseys, etc. by today.
This includes goalie equipment. Her email address is equipmentmanager@salmonarmminorhockey.com
If you have any invoices, receipts, etc. please mail them to Roy Sakaki, #202 281 1st St SE. Salmon Arm BC V1E 4R3. Thank you to all our membership for your co-operation and understanding at this time. Please feel free to send any questions or concerns regarding minor hockey. Roy